So we’ve been in Red Carpet withdrawl since the Oscars and The Met Ball ended.
But don’t fret you red carpet junkies ( and you know who you are ), The Cannes Film Festival has just wrapped up and we have the pics to give you your fix.

I would normally post the fairest gowns of them all, but as a true artist first and foremost, I have to be honest, RED CARPET FASHION HAS BECOME SO….. PREDICTABLE & BORING!!!
We are in 2012 so why do stars walking down the red carpet always look the same,  just in different color?
I know their publicists usually worry about their image but there are definitely a few stars at each award show who are certified icons and can take a few fashion risks, while having some fun. And what better place to take a risk down the red carpet, than in Cannes, France!!!  (more…)



I was always told in design school proportion, proportion, proportion.  And that there is nothing better than to focus on just one part of the female form.  Therefore, whether designing, styling or simply trying to figure out what silhouette to go with for your wedding or next black tie gala always concentrate on one area of the body to accentuate. For instance if you’re wearing a plunging neckline then you don’t necessarily want it to be backless and a mini all at the same time. That also goes for accessorizing the look as well as your beauty routine.  Basically it’s all about balance.

This season it’s all about proportion and form and from what I’ve seen on the runways as well as red carpet of recent it’s all leg with thigh high slits or bare all backless. 

As we all know bridal is not usually far behind so be on the lookout for some daring new styles sure to push the envelope on tradition.


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