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23 May 2012

Cannes Film Festival 2012 Red Carpet- Go bold or go home!

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So we’ve been in Red Carpet withdrawl since the Oscars and The Met Ball ended.
But don’t fret you red carpet junkies ( and you know who you are ), The Cannes Film Festival has just wrapped up and we have the pics to give you your fix.

I would normally post the fairest gowns of them all, but as a true artist first and foremost, I have to be honest, RED CARPET FASHION HAS BECOME SO….. PREDICTABLE & BORING!!!
We are in 2012 so why do stars walking down the red carpet always look the same,  just in different color?
I know their publicists usually worry about their image but there are definitely a few stars at each award show who are certified icons and can take a few fashion risks, while having some fun. And what better place to take a risk down the red carpet, than in Cannes, France!!!

Therefore, the only stars I’m going to feature are those I thought took risks and pushed the envelope whether it was my taste or not. I am celebrating being adventurous and taking risks, which we all know is the only way to reap big rewards!!

So here’s to taking risks and doing something new and different in our own lives this year!


Credit: Getty




Looking chic while being tastefully daring

This look may not work for everyone but bravo to

Paz for walking her own path down the red aisle



Credit: Get



Even though you may not love this gown for yourself you have to give

Jada credit for taking a huge risk like this Versace   gown and nailing it perfectly.

She even got the accessories and hair right.

Jada looks amazing in this gown from the shape to the color.

This is how a star in 2012 should look walking down the red carpet.









Seen here at Cannes 2012, the granddaughter

to one of the greatest contributors to the arts and film of our time, Charlie Chaplin.

Not only is she stunning but it looks like being influential runs in the family.

Here Dolores takes grecian style, with the help of Lanvin into 21st Century.

26 Mar 2012


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26 Mar 2012

Balance in style

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I was always told in design school proportion, proportion, proportion.  And that there is nothing better than to focus on just one part of the female form.  Therefore, whether designing, styling or simply trying to figure out what silhouette to go with for your wedding or next black tie gala always concentrate on one area of the body to accentuate. For instance if you’re wearing a plunging neckline then you don’t necessarily want it to be backless and a mini all at the same time. That also goes for accessorizing the look as well as your beauty routine.  Basically it’s all about balance.

This season it’s all about proportion and form and from what I’ve seen on the runways as well as red carpet of recent it’s all leg with thigh high slits or bare all backless. 

As we all know bridal is not usually far behind so be on the lookout for some daring new styles sure to push the envelope on tradition.


17 Jan 2012

GOLDEN GLOBES – Stars of the Red Carpet

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My favorite time of year is upon us.. AWARDS SEASON!  The kickoff  started last night with the Golden Globes. Let me just start off by saying Fashion is back on the red carpet…..finally!  We saw a mormetorrum on fashion over the past few years. Not sure if it was due to the economy or starlets and stylists just playing it safe? You know things are  boring when yours truly prefers to do laundry rather than watch the red carpet. But do not to fear FASHION is here… and hopefully to stay.

Here are our favorites, plenty of ideas to pull from for your own walk down the WHITE AISLE.

Angelina Jolie – Tops our list for BEST DRESSED!

Stunning in a Versace, Jolie perfects how to balance chic elegance with cutting edge fashion. See…you can be unique and fashion forward without over doing it. So for all you brides out there who want to be different but not too fashion forward that you loose the tradition? This is how it’s done.

Timeless yet fashion forward – Photo:Reuters Angelina Jolie

Julianna Margulies – Cut out chic

The key to being different yet remaining timeless and elegant is to make one element the focus. Here Juliana does this in a luxurious Naeem Kahn cut out backless eggplant beaded gown. We do it similarly with our Siena gown.

Photo courtesey of Jason Merritt/Getty

Cut out Chic! Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty


Tilda Swinton– Tailored to perfection

Pushing the envelope with a meticulously tailored jacket by Haider Ackermann.  Edgey yet perfectly balanced with a touch of femininity with the silky chiffon mermaid skirt and train. Topping it off with a perfectly placed cuff Tilda took the cake on how to do avant-garde and still be a classic.

Avant-Garde Classicist- Getty Images

All three of these women have their own unique personal style that they show in their choices for the red carpet.

 That is the key to style!

When you’re being yourself  and letting that shine through you will always look your best.

13 Jan 2012

Right from the Runway – Peekaboo Details

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The House of Chanel is always one to watch for the most cutting edge fashion trends, and always proves to be in my shortlist of favorite couture shows.  Fall 2011 didn’t disappoint, with a slew of insanely gorgeous looks that left my jaw on the floor…and filled me with so much inspiration, I’m practically brimming with ideas for next collection, and perhaps even some couture gowns for my custom brides!  Here are some of the looks and details  that are inspiring me right now!

First up, ladylike looks complemented by suggestive accessories that let your skin peek through. Lace and sheer gloves polished off many of Chanel’s ensembles, and I’m absolutely enamored with the elegant but sexy statement.  Slip on a pretty pair for extra editorial photos before your ceremony and save them for your boudoir pics too!

The second peek-a-boo detail that graced almost every model were these transparent , lacey veils. If you’re not the poofy veil type, I’d take a cue here and  opt for something small, face framing, and subtly sexy.

More drool-worthy inspiration came in the form of slightly transparent skirts and sleeves, sheer paneled gowns, belted waists, and the occasional pop of fuschia- one of my picks for best wedding color of 2012! {images}

11 Nov 2011

Trend to Try for Wedding Bouquets

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If you’ve been keeping your eyes glued to the most talked about celebrity weddings of the year, you might have noticed a detail that we did… Itty bitty bouquets! For icons this big, it’s fairly ironic to see them downsizing their bouquet, but we think it’s a detail that’s here to stay going forward.  As we’ve mentioned in prior posts, your bouquet should be considered one of your bridal accessories and just as important to your overall look as your jewelry, hair, and makeup. Keeping your bouquet on the smaller side allows you and your gown to shine through without being overpowered. Where does it work best and who got it right? In my opinion, a smaller bouquet works best when your gown is sleek or form fitting, mermaid, or sheath rather than a ballgown, which I think demands something a bit larger to balance out the proportion.  What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion!

03 Nov 2011

Braided Bliss- Fashion Forward Wedding Hairstyles

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A few years ago when braids started making their way onto the beauty scene, I thought (like most other hair trends that come and go) they would be a flash in the pan.  Boy was I was wrong!!! Braids have been hanging on strong and continue to be the hairstyle dujour for designer catwalks and real women alike.  And with season after season of braids popping up, we’ve seen them in almost every possible iteration I can imagine, a style for every woman, if you will. Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles, and once again this season, I find myself loving them for bridal… mainly because each style seems to have its occasion and vibe – from beachy to uptown elegant to modern, to indie and vintage.  Here are a few of my favorite variations, all with their own unique twist.

Loose braids worn straight back or off to the side have an indie romantic feel.  I especially love keeping the crown slightly pouffed and loose, letting the hair fall as the day goes by.  From interweaving ribbon to brooches to or hairpins, to flowers, this romantic style is perfect for the aisle.

Neatly woven, over sized braids look modern and contemporary propped right up on on top or “indie wood nymph” at the crown of the head as a halo. For extra impact use hair extensions for extra thickness, try a double row, or create a high fashion architectural do (below right).Adding braids to an up-do creates a pretty surprise from the back.  Fresh, elegant, and romantic… and you won’t have to worry about every piece staying perfectly in place throughout your day… the looser it gets, the better.Check back for more inspired bridal styling tips!

17 Oct 2011

Ballet Buns for Bridal

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What better way to make your wedding day look unique and your own than with your hair.  We’ve recently featured my obsession with knotted styles (seen here), which exude a carefree, indie elegance and look gorgeous with romantic, ethereal gowns. But for brides that are a bit more prim and proper, or ladies looking for something sleek and modern, the perfect “do” must be the new ballet bun, which we spotted all over the catwalks.  The look is slick, shiny, and streamlined in the front  with an exaggerated thick bun perched right on top in the back. This style is uptown chic meets downtown mod rocker and the perfect complement to a modern bride channeling Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick.

My favorite way to pull off this look comes straight from the Oscar de la Renta Runways…. To balance this over sized, dramatic do, pair it with bold, statement earrings, clean luminous skin, nude lips, and eyes with a bright burst of color.

Don’t think you’ve got the locks to pull it off ? The secret behind models and celebrities do’s is (you guessed it) fake hair. A great way if done right, to accomplish any look. Just make sure to opt for REAL high quality hair extensions…and purchase them to match the LIGHTEST color of your hair….. Extensions can be toned down, but not highlighted.

{images from Vogue Italia}

01 Oct 2011

Celeb Style – Olivia Palermo

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There are some ladies in Hollywood who perpetually seem to get it right, always stepping with ideal blend of high fashion, unique style, and a bit of whim.  One of my favorites to watch is Olivia Palermo, who’s personal style is always so spot on chic but never takes itself too seriously.  We spotted her looking absolutely fabulous from head to toe in this bright mustard Victoria Beckham dress with bold accessories and shoes… a look that was balanced out just right, and would be so amazing for your shower or rehearsal dinner!

Don’t be afraid of color! Brides don’t have to wear white to all their events…in fact, we think you’ll stand out even more in a bold hue! Step one is treating mustard like a neutral and accenting it with a bright pink bag.  Ground the look with a non-competing printed shoe like leopard, and add some chunky jewelry, like a gold cuff.  Finally, finish the with a bold shade on your nails, loosely swept up hair, and fresh faced makeup.

Here are our totally attainable picks for stealing Olivia’s shower-perfect style, for a look that will have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing over more than your china set!

{images: dress by Thakoon via Shopbop, bag by Sondra Roberts, shoes by Barneys, cuff by Vionnet , nail polish by Essie}

14 Sep 2011

Fringe Benefits

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One of the most frequent conundrums I’m faced with from my brides is how to look “unbridey” while still, of course, being a bride.  Your gown clearly plays a major part  but believe it or not, your accessories (along with hair and makeup) also have a HUGE impact on just how “bridey or unbridey” you’ll look on your big day.  One piece of advice I offer is to complement your gown with bold, unexpected statement accessories (a’la red carpet) instead of “bridal” accessories to create an editorial edginess, while still feeling classic and chic.  Not only are “un-bridey” accessories fabulous investment pieces for years to come, but these simple tweaks are sure to make your photos incredibly avant garde. Catching my eye this month are  fringed details which have that unmistakeable 1920’s flirty flapper-esque flair! How I’d style fringed and tasseled accessories…. with clean, modern, or architectural silhouettes like our Harlowe,  Armelle, or Noemi gowns for a look that’s over-the-top chic! Here are just a few of my purchase-able picks, and where to find them (see image credits)!

{images: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight}

Throw on a fringed statement necklace,  handbag, or earring in a bold color for ultimate wedding day style impact. Crystals look fabulous with tasseled details, and I’m loving this chain fringed gold ring with diamond accents as an anniversary gift!

Of course, this chic detail is also beautiful inspiration for other wedding day details too!

{images: onetwothreefour}

I love taking the look of fringe and applying it to strung crystals, for a bohemian/vintage but very elegant and feminine look, which would be absolutely gorgeous as a huppah.  For the more whimsical types, fringed tassles strung from above can be done in any color. I love the pops of turquoise, pink, and gold for this kitchy wedding, or monochrome tones of ivory, gold, and silver add a more sophisticated touch. Think outside the box for your table linens as well… adding a fringed trim (bottom right) adds a bit of texture to this elegant table.

Check back for more “unbridey” accessories and details!